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Audio Recordings

The following is a collection of audio recordings that I successfully made once McNeese State University started retaliating against me for reporting ADA (and other policy) violations and refusing to participate in such violations. I listened through the recordings and have provided a transcript of notable parts of the recording for easy reference. This transcript should be considered a summary of the recording. The quotes one this page are loosely defined in that if some one stuttered or had some similar speach mistake, that mistake is ommitted.

Stan Hippler - 2017/05/23 12:54

Transcript: Transcript - Stan - Rec-2017-05-23-12-54-47.
File: Stan - Rec-2017-05-23-12-54-47.ogg.

  • Stan Hippler talks about how I am to not write code (despite being hire to write code).
  • Stan Hippler talks about what students want.

An infinite amount of crap.

Stan Hippler - 2017/05/23 13:41

Transcript: Transcript - Stan - Rec-2017-05-23-13-41-08.
File: Stan - Rec-2017-05-23-13-41-08.ogg.

  • TODO: I forgot to write the transcipt of this

Stan Hippler - 2017/06/01 08:30

Transcript: Transcript - Stan - Rec-2017-06-01-08-30-09.
File: Stan - Rec-2017-06-01-08-30-09.ogg.

  • Stan Hippler tells me I am not going to do any programmer (Again..I am hired to program).
  • Stan Hippler states that he will meet with Colleen McCoy and Gerald Fisher, and I point out that if I am part of this team, then I need to meet with them (this meeting never happens with me).
  • Stan Hippler admits that I, Kevin Day, do not try to aggravate people or try to show off.

That makes me think that they are trying to aggravate or show me that they know a bunch of crap. I have forgotten more than those people have and I have been doing this shit for 40 years.

Stan Hippler - 2017/06/07 08:06

Transcript: Transcript - Stan - Rec-2017-05-23-12-54-47.
File: Stan - Rec-2017-06-07-08-06-34.ogg.

  • Stan Hippler tells me to copy off other users and to get their ideas.
  • Stan Hippler tells me he does what me to program (My job is to program).
  • Stan Hippler claims that people “choose not to see” that open source programming is supporting chemical terrorism.

Hell, for all I know over probably half of the open-source software is probably developed in Finland or some place like that where they support chemical terrorist.

Termination - 2017/07/18 09:04

Transcript: Transcript - Termination - Rec-2017-07-18-09-04-02.
File: Termination - Rec-2017-07-18-09-04-02.

  • I, Kevin Day, state that you would think that they would communicate with me.
  • You will notice that there isn't even the slightest violent remarks or threats by me, Kevin Day.
  • Charlene Abbott states that it is because that it is Not the right fit (which does not sound like I did anything wrong to deserve a Bar Order and other hostile treatment!).
  • Charlene Abbott mentions how I have previously made harassment complaints and that I may need to file with the EEOC.
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