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I put togethor a collection of e-mails that I believe to be relevant to the case. Most, if not all of these e-mails, are from my McNeese e-mail account,, and are of the public domain as by law. E-mails from any other non account are released under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Many of these e-mails are from my own records and were cached by my e-mail client. The e-mail client left a mess of the naming structure and I have had to mass re-name the files for simplicity. This resulted in the e-mails (numerically speaking) being not in any intended order.

Conversation: Kevin Day's Bar Order Appeal - 2017 / 07 / 18


In my e-mail, I asked why the Bar Order was issued incorrectly, improperly filled out, if I had violated some law, or if I had any form of disruptive behavior. I also pointed out that I notably lacked any history or any complaints against me that could be offered as any credible evidence that I would be of any threat to anybody.

Robert Spinks responds stating that he reviewed the issuance of the Bar Order and found that it was justified and that I should contact Human Resources to clear up the reasons. He further mentioned that they try to be proactive. He follows up stating that since the title of Kevin's e-mail had the word “Appeal” in it, then it must be an appeal (despite the university bar order policy stating that the appeal had to be presented and received in person). He then denied the appeal citing no futher evidence provided.

Conversation: Follow up on items and the Bar Order


In my e-mail, I am talking about how they did not return all my items to me (thus they are missing). I also bring up how the unlawful bar order is issued against me without any explanation. I am left only with assuming that that Stan Hippler is baselessly accusing me of supporting chemical terrorism. I also point out that the unlawful bar order is being issued in a discriminatory manner.

Charlene responds to me about the missing items finally being returned. (except for the black mousepad, that I own, which is never returned to me). Charlene then tells me in the next e-mail to come pick up the items.

I respond to Charlene, telling her that I will come over and also drop of the DVD rom of audio recordings as evidence.

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