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Discriminatory Reactions

Instead of addressing Patrick Eustis' actions, both Stan Hippler and Chad Thibodeaux, and possibly other Senior Staff in the Chain of Command, decided to treat me as if I, Kevin Day, have something against Patrick Eustis. To be perfectly clear, I do not, nor have I ever had anything against Patrick Eustis. Instead, I have something against his hostile actions, harrassment, and inability to follow policies, procedures, and laws that directly involve me job duties. That is to say, I have something against Patrick Eustis in the same way a police officer may have something against a serial-robber. Continuing the analogy, instead of addressing the criminal for repeatedly breaking the law, the police officer is treated as if the officer did something wrong repeatedly arresting the criminal. If the criminal stops breaking the law then the officer has nothing to do with the criminal. In my case, if Patrick Eustis stopped violating the policies, procedures, and laws, then I would not have to complain about his actions.

Now, this becomes particularly discriminatory against me, Kevin Day, when Andrew Mapley has the same access, has blocked Patrick Eustis, has had to clean up after Patrick Eustis, and essentially did the same things. The only difference, is Andrew Mapley does it silently and I report it on Jira and e-mails when then become public and potentially visible to all senior staff and other university personnel.

If Chad Thibodeaux, Stan Hippler, and the other Senior Staff had an issue with me preventing Patrick Eustis' violations from being released into the public (and therefore putting the university and its students at potential risks), then why do they not have any issues with Andrew Mapley? This has never been an issue before. There are numerous other cases and personnel who have had their content blocked until it was resolved. It seems that Patrick Eustis is being given special clearance that allows him to violate policies and laws.

This special treatment is also proven by how Patrick Eustis, in multiple cases, was placed into new positions that suddenly appeared only for Patrick Eustis to fill without allowing any other person in the world an Equal Opportunity to apply for that sudden and new position (an EEOC violation).

See UCS Staff History on the Internet Archive:

The numerous website projects, not just the web team project,, but also non-web team projects that I am involved with are all sharing a common code base and design. This design is shared by all users who have access to Specifically, the web team project is managed by both Andrew Mapley and, me, Kevin Day (Patrick Eustis has access to commit as well but for violating security and project policies his access to directly commit to production was revoked).

Generally, both Andrew or Kevin will push content into production, with production. Fridays at 4:30pm, changes committed to production generally get moved into the website ( unless problems are noticed. This process has existed at McNeese State University long before I, Kevin Day, have worked there. Furthermore, the Friday updates process is generally followed by every other UCS member.

There are numerous examples in the git logs where Andrew Mapley has to perform tasks for Patrick Eustis because Patrick Eustis mysteriously develops the sudden inability to commit changes to the development repositories (despite Patrick Eustis having access to do so himself).


  1. www-1597
  2. mcneese_www commits
    1. 08605a26f4e79924386eae7a0278ec7801ef4422
    2. 67f6938583a78c0ad823b25d14e50d89ed1a9027

I also have had to commit changes for Patrick Eustis for his sudden inability to commit changes to the development repositories (despite Patrick Eustis having access to do so himself).


  1. www-993
  2. mcneese_www commits
    1. 206d4124255cc5f7b469bcd5b61dcc6dbc7e2424
    2. 9fc94e4380b650e216a8deaa6fe9043270f0d597
  3. mcneese commits
    1. 0a5fad554ad4e502d4c3d8ff61d51321e5a7173d).

I have even had to cleanup after Patrick Eustis when his changes violate coding policies, violated security practices, or violated Americans with Disabilities Act.


  1. www-1409
  2. mcneese_www commits
    1. 6550b5346888c8d838bffecc18aff0e9203fc4ec
    2. 7f88fa26dc707398ecb08073d6bebb5e275e157b
    3. 1a414122e29d70ae1202076a353514ef4c5c620f
    4. d85a8438e101b04da76206b773e9e0e4726840c0
    5. 2893416b09e42ca5a8c4c232d2a5c7eda97fdea0

Despite Patrick Eustis having a history in using and know how to use git.


  1. mcneese_www
    1. 5e075a894e2c86b19e3260d665f83e340519c524

Even when he suddenly, and inexplicable complained (by talking to Andrew Mapley only who then told me, Kevin Day) stating that he, Patrick Eustis, did not know how to use git. To assist him, I wrote an auto-committer script based on how Patrick Eustis used the system.


  1. mcneese_www commits
    1. 360488fbcff48d2c2927470884bfba2cc11c8aca
    2. 5bcbd6c3e04415ac835283a2f4693e199546503d
    3. f4dd885491f6db5d56445c31ab589054cb86dd8b
    4. 0ee5f10884a61ddd34843314db8f0cf45eb89a16

Patrick Eustis then complained about the system auto-committed for him. Patrick Eustis' behavior thus creates a hostile work environment against me, Kevin Day, where I felt as I am being harrassed.

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