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iMmoral State University

McNeese State University engaged in Whistleblower Retaliation against Kevin Day for repeatedly reporting numerous violations of laws, policies, and procedures by Patrick Eustis. The most notable of which would be the violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act that occurred on April 3, 2017. In my attempts to follow the rules and procedures the University engaged in Fraud, Harassment, and even involved themselves with Chemical Terrorism. Furthermore, government agencies responsible for took part in the Whistleblower Retaliation by engaging in Fraud and attempting to cover up the actions despite copious amounts of evidence. This website is simply blowing the whistle louder and providing the records and evidence of the unethical, if not unlawful, actions by all parties.

McNeese State University President, Dr. Daryl Burckel has personally stated that there is nothing wrong with replacing signed and date discrimination complaints (with a witness) with a completely different complaint while removing names of individuals, baselessly associating open-source programming with chemical terrorism, unlawfully using a Bar Order (with no reasons defined) to harass, intimidate, and terrorize, repeatedly hiring individuals without offering Equal Opportunities, terminating Kevin Day's position after Kevin repeatedly reported Patrick Eustis' violations while simultaneously informing Kevin Day that “…[they] only hear good things…”, and Patrick Eustus harassing Kevin Day.

In following the procedures of law, the EEOC appears to have claimed that they do not handle Equal Opportunity violations, McNeese State University claims that e-mails don't exist when I requested them via FOIA requests (some of which I actually have copies of), and the Louisiana Board of Ethics commits Fraud by claiming they did not received any evidence after ignoring my filings (despite having tracking records proving both that the Louisiana Board of Ethics received the packages but also proving the contents of the packages).

Every step of the way, every agency involved lied in one form or another. This website provides records that prove the lies and Fraud.

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